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Faith Crisis am I alone in this?
(autoportrait by
Eva Ligeia scabbia)

It is true I thought "would
he like it?" but I would
never know

please please please
(autopotrait by Monica zuniga)

Lost in the undecipherable
merging of centuries of

I told him there was no meaning

Douceur, l'ab-sense change une
lettre à notre grand bhasard

Wuthering heights version 1.1
"like my jealousy too hot
too greedy..."

you want a peace of me

Metallic blood tears for my
marble lips hammering the
muddy chaos in her garden
corroding the silver threads
of her nightmare filled
sleepless nights


You'll be given love
(autoportrait by Jen Grace Kull)

What if not?

You're just a pussy!
my sweet boy!

Cosmic fuck

While reading the poem of her dreams

Finding the way back to my real self

How will you handle the real me

Utopia muse island

How blessed are the ones
who know the Heart overflows

why do they have to hide?

She sent kisses in the
clouds of her sighs
(autoportrait by sj)

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